Commercial & Residential Pressure Washing in Orlando, FL

We are a full service company that provides commercial pressure washing services to businesses in Orlando and surrounding areas. We will clean buildings, concrete, parking lots, and remove graffiti from your property.

Don’t be fooled by the name, this is more than just hosing down your home. Our soft washing services use commercial grade chemicals that break down and destroy algae and grime buildup. 

Residential soft washing may use less pressure to clean your home’s exterior but it will always leave it looking like new.

When you wash your dishes, you use hot water. And when you want to eliminate oil, grime, grease, gum, and paint from hard surfaces, you’ll use hot water.

Hot water pressure washing also has the added benefit of eliminating the use of harsh and dangerous chemicals to clean.

Looking for paver sealing companies near you in Orlando? Look no further.

Paver sealing will bring out the natural beauty and colors of your concrete pavers. As well, paver sealing will help prevent your pavers from shifting or becoming uneven and unattractive.

Why Choose Pressure Washing?

Your home and business are important to you. So why allow natural elements to detract from their beauty?

When mold and algae buildup, it makes your home and business less attractive. Not to mention, it can be hazardous to your health!

Pressure washing is more than simply cleaning a dirty surface. It can improve not only the look of your home or business, it can help fight allergies and illness caused by mold and pollen. And it can even help prevent nasty slip and falls caused by algae.

Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential pressure washing or paver sealing, we’re here to make sure that your home and business are always the best looking buildings on the block.

The main benefits of pressure washing speak for themselves:

  1. Save time and money through preventative maintenance
  2. Boosts curb appeal
  3. Promotes better health and safety
  4. Banishes mold, algae, mildew, dirt and dust from your life


The cost of pressure washing varies from region to region and it also depends on the size and complexity of the job. Call us for a free quote to find out how much your pressure job will cost.
Pressure washing utilizes a high pressure water spray to clean buildings, patios, and concrete surfaces. Using high pressure water is effective in cleaning grime, dirt, mud, algae, chewing gum, and paint from hard to clean surfaces.
While pressure washing is a great cleaning option for many projects, it should be avoided for the following items: wood siding, electrical panels and meters, asphalt shingles, lead paint, surfaces with mortar, windows, gutters, stained wood, and anything painted.
Yes, high pressure washing could damage your home. It’s easy to cause permanent damage to your home if you use high pressure (such as ripping the siding off your home). Our fully licensed and insured technicians will ensure that no damage is done by using the soft washing techniques for residential pressure washing.

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